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*Book Review* Pigeon-Blood Red – Ed Duncan

I was contacted by Duncan’s publicist to see if I was interested in receiving a copy of Ed Duncan’s book ‘ Pigeon-Blood Red’. All I had to do was write a review. A free book for writing a review, which I do anyways… sounds good to me.

Surely you know how my reviews like this go by now… no?

Well I am currently sitting with the book next to me, it remains unopened because this is how I like to do my reviews when someone asks me to do one. It allows me to go into more depth. After all, we all judge a book by its cover first and the first thought doesn’t always line up with what you thought after reading it.

First Thoughts:

The first thing that I noticed was how professional the cover design is. Very well designed, very eye-catching with all of the detail that is put into it. I have literally just noticed that some of the blood splatter are actually gems. That is a very clever idea.

The plain and simple font used for the title and author’s name works well with the image behind. It doesn’t need to be bold because of the colour contrasts makes it stand out. If the font was bigger or chunkier I think it would have given a completely different effect that it currently does.


So my guess is that the man and woman are caught up in something possibly by accident, or maybe they stole something valuable and are trying to get away. The gun could belong to a police officer or maybe a hired killer.

The Blurb:


I am left with questions after reading that.

What makes things go wrong??
Do they get away with the necklace??
What does Rico chose to do?

Questions are what make you want to turn over the cover page. So it’s good I have some questions and hopefully they will be answered.

Is this a book I would normally pick up?

I have picked up crime thrillers in the past and I do like to read a variety. The cover is very interesting and would definitely draw me towards the book. After reading the blurb I am interested in what happens. So if I was in a shop, this would probably end up on my to-be read pile.

Flick Through:

I like a good old fashion flick through. Who doesn’t do that in a bookshop??

Font: Very clear, good size. Doesn’t make my eyes flick all over the place. thumbs up from me.

Chapter Numbers: There are numbers, I like to know how many chapters I am into a book so I am glad they are clear.

Parts: I have noticed it is separated into parts. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book with parts included, but sometimes it can be useful to split the story up more.

I’m about to start reading.

This was actually an enjoyable read, and I read the majority of it in one sitting. The book is 238 pages long so actually a decent length and read very easily.

Rico and his partner Jerry work for a loan shark, Litvak. Litvak is not a person to be crossed and prays on those that the bank refuse to lend money to, knowing that people have no other choice.

Robert owes Litvak a lot of money and it isn’t long until Litvak sends Rico and Jerry to pick him up for a meeting. He is keen to get his money back, with interest of course. After he has finished with Robert, Litvak sends him out of the room so he can talk business with the others.

Litvak entrusts Rico to handle a stolen necklace and take it to somewhere safe, where no one can take it from. But there is one problem, Robert heard what was said.

Running out of options, Robert steals the Necklace from inside the car while Rico and Jerry drive him home, and by the time they realise Robert is already on a plane out of the country.

Robert’s wife had booked for the two of them to go to Honolulu in hope a break will help fix their failing marriage. She gave him a choice, either he goes with her and they try to fix things, or she goes alone. She end out flying out with her friend Rachel, for a much-needed break, instead of going alone. But Robert, now holding the ruby necklace, decides maybe he has a chance to win her back, so he jumps on the same plane as his wife and books a room in the same hotel and meets up with her. However, an old flame of Robert’s wife turns up and joins the group.

But Rico knows where Robert has gone, and soon jumps on another plan to hunt him down and get the necklace back. Robert has unknowingly put everyone around him in danger, and things are only going to get worse.

I think this is the best way I can sum things up without giving too much away. The story-line is believable and plays out smoothly. There aren’t any twists or turns that really leave the reader in suspense, everything just flows effortlessly.

Although the story-line is basic, the characters are developed very well throughout and you get much more of a sense of why certain characters act in a certain way. Every character has a little bit of a back story that explains how they came to be in this situation or how they met each other. I really enjoyed how this was done and that really drew me into the book more. The character related well and the development made them much more real and 3D for me. Each character also has a very different tone within the dialogue which helped to tell them apart from each other.

Ed Duncan focused on character development and their interactions with one another and I think that was a good choice to make because it really made the story come to life. There isn’t much more he could do to develop the plot any further than he did as it is already believable and well planned out.

My rating:


Personally, I found the book to be full of action and although there wasn’t any suspense I still found myself lost in the book. The story flows easily off the page and is an easy read for lovers of thrillers, and those that are new to the genre.

Like every Author, Ed Duncan will improve with every piece he writes and I am very intrigued to see what he will do in the rest of the trilogy and how the characters and plot will develop further. If he carries on how he is with the character development, I think it will be a trilogy to watch out for.




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