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Book Review *Miscast Spells – Rose Corcoran*

I follow the author on my book blog on tumblr and she contacted me to read and write a review for her book ‘What We Need To Survive.’ So here is my honest review, starting from the very moment I open the package.

With authors that ask for a review I prefer to start my review without reading the book. Why?
Because we all judge a book based on it’s cover. We know we shouldn’t, but we do. So I start by doing just that and see if my first reactions match what I think at the end of the book.

First Thoughts:

What amazing illustrations on the cover. I have already spent ages just looking at the unopened book. I actually love this cover and it’s got to be the best cover I have seen in a while.

I love the fact a lady is drinking tea while upside down. The detail is intense. The colours are so vivid. The colour scheme is simple and effective, it doesn’t clash or look like an explosion in a paint factory.

MS Rose front

The Blurb:

MS Rose back

This book sound hilarious and something that I will enjoy very much.

The only question I have is why is Emmaline cursed??

But to be honest, if that wasn’t answered I don’t think I’d mind. I am very excited to read this book.

Is this a book I would normally pick up?

Magic, mayhem and goblins…. yes this is 100% a book I would pick up.

I don’t think there is much else I can say.

Flick Through:

I like a good old fashion flick through. Who doesn’t do that in a bookshop??

Font: The font is a good size and is very clear.

Chapter Numbers: They are clear to see, I love the font of the chapter number and name as well as the card signs (Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, Hearts). They are also next to the page numbers and I honestly love it, it adds a bit more personality to the book.

I’m about to start reading.


Emmaline is a human Princess who just so happens accidentally stood on a goblin’s tail and got cursed. She thought the goblin had shrunk her, but it’s so much furrier than that. She’s a white rabbit.

Bostwick was the court’s magician and agreed to travel with Emmaline through the continent of Ataxia to find a cure for her curse. They end up at Styx Castle. The door has a sign on it, ‘knock to ring the door bell’. Their knock is answered by Millicent, another human who is the maid for a goblin queen named Delilah.

Delilah owns the Domino of Nonpareil – a mask that allows the wearer to change into the form which they desire. This could be the cure that Emmaline needs. But Bostwick gets caught trying to steal it and instead of becoming cursed he agrees to become her butler for the next hundred years.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is a mad bomber on the loose who is trying to destroy everything, a mysterious goblin who was cursed to look like a cat and the queen’s romantic schemes that do not go to plan.

Oh and Millicent is also a magician and needs Bostwich to teacher her to use and control her magic, and Emmaline is still a white rabbit.


Within the first hour of reading this I read 60 pages and then I had to get ready for work. I found myself picking up the book and attempting to read it while trying to get changed. This is a page turner and the magic consumes you and pulls you into the pages.

I was so excited to read this and I was not disappointed when I sat down after work and finished the book. There isn’t a dull moment, the writing does not get weaker at any point. There were no moments that I got confused with what was going on and have to go back and reread parts.

I loved how the characters developed throughout the book You learnt more about them and I found myself really starting to feel sorry for Bostwick.

My rating:


This has got to be one of the easiest ratings I have done. I honestly can’t find a fault there is no doubt in my mind that this is a clear 5 stars.

The characters were amazing and so well thought out. The plot is the same, extremely well planned out and it shows when reading it through.

The characters and the way they are written is hilarious, I found myself laughing and smiling throughout.

A very well done, this will be a book I will share with others and recommend. I have the second book to read and review as well and I am even more excited for it now.


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