Book Review

Book Review *Outcast Shadows – Rose Corcoran*

I follow the author on my book blog on tumblr and she contacted me to read and write a review for her book ‘What We Need To Survive.’ So here is my honest review, starting from the very moment I open the package.

With authors that ask for a review I prefer to start my review without reading the book. Why?
Because we all judge a book based on it’s cover. We know we shouldn’t, but we do. So I start by doing just that and see if my first reactions match what I think at the end of the book.

First Thoughts:

I got this book in the same package as the first book so the first thoughts are pretty similar What amazing illustrations on the cover. I have already spent ages just looking at the unopened book. I love the details and the very simple colour scheme. Next to each other these two books are stunning.

OS Rose Front

The Blurb:

OS Rose Back

So this is carrying on from where the first book left off. This seems to delve deeper into the past of the academy that could be hiding some dark secrets.

I think everything is about to get harder for everyone and I’m not sure if the characters will be able to stick together without fighting a lot.

Is this a book I would normally pick up?

Well after reading the first book, 100%. I would finish reading the first and look into buying the second straight away. The story is brilliant and I want to know what happens to everyone.

Flick Through:

I like a good old fashion flick through. Who doesn’t do that in a bookshop??

This is the second book in a trilogy so everything is set out in the same way so this part is just a copy of what I wrote for the first book.

Font: The font is a good size and is very clear.

Chapter Numbers: They are clear to see, I love the font of the chapter number and name as well as the card signs (Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, Hearts). They are also next to the page numbers and I honestly love it, it adds a bit more personality to the book.

I’m about to start reading.

After being betrayed by Sebastian, a goblin they thought was a friend, Bostwick and Emmaline must help Queen Delilah find the 4 pieces of the map of Styx which lie scattered around the globe. With help from Delilah’s parents, they must travel and find the map pieces as well ass Millicent. They encounter Crazy dictators, clumsy goats girls, immortal beasts and if that wasn’t bad enough, a love potion gone horribly horribly wrong.

Meanwhile Millicent isn’t doing much better. After being kidnapped by Sebastian she finds herself in the colourless city of Chiaroscuro. He reveals that he needs her to cast a spell from her old magic book that she learnt by heart. A spell only she can do.

To explain further Sebastian shows Millicent visions of his past at Melieh Academy Of Magic. She learns so much about how Sebastian’s life was like 260 years ago and also how she failed the test to get into the Academy. She has to make a difficult choice that could mean life or death. But is it really that easy??

This book lives up to the first in every way. It is just as excited and fast paced. The writing is wonderful and full of enough description to allow the reader to really visit the places in the story, but leaves just the right amount to the imagination.

The two viewpoints of the stories run side by side perfectly and then cleanly meets up at the end. Creating the perfect wrap up for the second book.

I love how instead of just telling Millicent what happened in his past, Sebastian shows her by visions. This was very creative and very cleverly done.

My rating:


Again, this is an easy rating. I loved the way the past was written in and how it was described. I found myself feeling really sorry for the characters and wanting to help them. At certain posts I found myself smiling at the book.

Another great book and I am 100% going to buy the next book in this trilogy. Definitely  an author to keep an eye on.



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